Nutritional Politics

There is an important debate going on other than the one in DC– the dietary debate.

For those who aim optimum health, there are many parties to choose from, but a few key ones that remain to be the most popular. Each boasts the best results for your health and fitness goals, but only you can decide which feels best for you.

Veganism/Vegetarianism: We all know a vegan or vegetarian– heck, you may even be living with one!  This nutritional plan believes that eating animals or animal products is bad for the environment and bad for your body.

Pros: Less fatty meats (and cheeses for vegans.) Cons: Some lazy vega-bums may turn too much too starchy carbs and processed version of the food they once loved.

Low Calorie/Small Portions: Common sense bonne vivants easily blend in at eateries and cafés.  These eaters follow the principle that we all burn a certain amount of calories per day, so as long as calories in are less than calories out (or the same for maintenance), the body will be good to go.

Pros: Encourages small frequent portions and allows any and all types of food. Cons: Again, this is based on how much and not as much “what,” which may let crafty dieters eat small amounts of processed crap, such as doughnuts, throughout the day.

High Protein/Paleo: From The Zone to the latest Paleo fad, this nutritional budget encourages a high volume of protein compared to fats and carbohydrates. The Zone has been around for decades, (I remember seeing a copy on my father’s bookshelf,) and attempts to cater your proprtions to your current health status.  The Zone’s hot new cousin Paleo works on a similar scientific concept about more protein being a healthy option.  Paleo-people, often running in herds, believe that humans should eat more like our cavemen ancestors, ie- lots of natural, unprocessed proteins and low glycemic vegetables.

Pros: Paleos love to talk about how much they get to eat without watching portions and can be seen piling on meat and their plates with small portions of vegetables. Cons: If you love fruit, or any kind of bread, you’re SOL. And, if you’re like me, and you don’t LOVE meat, your options run slim.

In the end, we all have developed different responses to what we imbibe.  There are studies for every dietary claim, and counter arguments and examples for each one. Lately, the term “clean” has been popping up, and includes a little bit of all of the key parties, with a side helping of wholesme.

I have found that aiming to follow the “clean” plan, along with guilt-free occasional indulgences outside of the guidelines makes me the happiest inside and out.  And though I may post thoughts and recipes pertaining to this notion, I invite you to try any of the options and cook up what works best for you!


What “It” is all about

It being life of course!  Okay, this blog as well.  I have created this blog as a part of my never ending misson to find and create gourmet healthy food that we actually want to eat, and crave even.

When was the last time you “craved” kale or parsnips? Have you ever had kale chips or parsnip fries? Exactly my point.  “Eating in the Now” is all about recognizing that our senses and our health can both be indulged.  I love to cook and I am happy to help both you and I find delicious and nutritious meals that are fun to make as well as beautiful to regard.

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